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LUXY S2 is an adjustable square body form track spotlight with CoB LED light source and high efficient aluminium reflector integrated. The luminaire body material made by aluminium injection type with innovative passive cooling system in which ensures luminaire better heat management and as a result long LED lifespan with perfect CCT range during lifetime of luminaire. 

LUXY S2 has an ideal use for accent and task lighting application. Its has high efficient aluminium reflector and optical lenses which allows well light beam control and high lumen output ratio with low glare. 

LUXY S2 is able to be controlled via DALI protocol and wirelessly control as optional. It is also possible to integrate emergecy conversion modules as 1 hour or 3 hours backup time depends on project application field. 

LUXY S2 can be used in projects such as art galleries, museums, hotels, retail stores…etc.