About Us

Lighting is our passion

We are committed to studying the future of lighting to create smart solutions focused on people and their everyday needs, environments and stories.

For us light means life

The vital effect of light on nature and people has been known for thousands of years. Light, which has an important place on our biological life cycle, also affects our emotions, thoughts and creativity.

As DecoLumi; while we carry the role of light in the historical process to architectural structures with sustainable design approaches in all areas of modern life, we also implement technological lighting systems that are far from aesthetic concerns and do not compromise on functionality.

Our main source of inspiration is the design concepts in which light, which is the most important living instrument of sustainable architectural structures, will be shaped by being sensitive to the environment and human health, energy efficient and at the same time without compromising visual comfort. Because of this; while we use semiconductor LED chips with high energy efficiency to support the efficient and correct use of energy resources in our lighting fixtures, we also maximize visual comfort with correctly designed reflective and refractive optical components.

We work together with architects and lighting designers during project processes to implement human and environment-oriented lighting design concepts from a technical, design and commercial point of view. In addition to the lighting fixtures we produce as standard, we offer new products to the use of architectural structures by supporting the necessary workshops and light experiments for specially designed fixtures suitable for project needs.