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It is very important that the light, which is the most important dynamic instrument of the projects, is planned in accordance with the energy efficient and sustainable design concept while meeting the needs and expectations, and that it can be easily applied in the field in accordance with these design criteria.
For this purpose; performing a series of studies at the very beginning of the project works means very productive results both in terms of time management and resource management. 
In order for the light and its related components to be applied correctly in projects and to give the desired results clearly, we think that it is not enough to sell only lighting luminaires to our customers and we provide a series of "lighting engineering services”that add value to the projects as standard.


The most important work to be done before the architectural volumes meet the light is to plan the light needed. While we carry out our lighting calculation studies within the framework of relevant international standards, we also determine the mechanical and electrical technical specifications that the lighting fixtures should have in accordance with the project needs.
Depending on the variable project types, we can summarize the criteria we pay attention to in our calculations as follows:
  • Determination of relevant standards according to the project type
  • Making calculations to ensure adequate lighting levels
  • Determining the correct color temperature
  • If biodynamic (human-centric) lighting is to be made, the creation of relevant biodynamic scenarios
  • Determination of the required minimum color rendering index criteria
  • Selection of optical materials
  • Ensuring that the glare index is within the required standard ranges
  • Checking the lighting uniformity values in layout plans
  • Determination of luminaire types and mounting methods according to the ceiling systems to be installed
  • Evaluation of selection criteria according to acoustic concerns
  • Evaluation in terms of photo-biological risk that may affect human health
  • Matching luminaire-driver combinations according to the lighting control topology
  • Selection of body and auxiliary materials
  • Managing the design, prototype and main manufacturing processes if special luminaires are to be manufactured.
  • Managing mockup/demo application processes


In today's world, where energy is a very valuable tool, controlling light is among the main demands. The use of light control systems is increasing day by day in order to ensure efficient use of resources and energy savings.

Analog and digital dimming methods such as 0-10V, 1-10V, DALI, DMX are preferred in projects according to the application and place of use. In addition, the use of Bluetooth and different wireless control protocols is becoming more important day by day.

One of the main problems experienced in the implementation stages of the projects in which the lighting control system has been installed is that the lighting luminaires selected in the project and the control system do not work in harmony. The main problems are that the desired dim scenarios and dim levels cannot be fully met, light flickers are seen, noise formation, color temperatures cannot be met, communication and synchronization disorders…etc.

In order to prevent these problems, we provide the following services:

  • Determination of the automation control topology in accordance with the lighting fixture plans
  • Determination of armature-driver/power supply combination in accordance with dim and control protocols
  • Creation of lighting automation projects. If these projects exist, necessary controls are made.
  • Determination of automation equipment selection
  • Performing necessary infrastructure (wiring, internal structure of the panel, sensor and interface locations, etc.) controls for the automation system.
  • Determining the software configurations to be used
  • Providing necessary support for pre-commissioning studies
  • Carrying out commissioning studies
  • Making periodic maintenance contracts after commissioning


In case of an emergency situation that may occur at any time in the buildings; It is vital to install an emergency lighting system in order to evacuate the people inside the building safely and quickly. Therefore, escape routes and open spaces in buildings should be illuminated in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards in case of emergency.

For this purpose, we provide the following services:

  • Checking the emergency lighting evacuation plans required for the project
  • Analysis of project volumes such as escape routes, anti-panic areas, final exits, special areas
  • Determining the battery discharge times of emergency lighting fixtures according to the project type
  • Making emergency lighting calculations, controlling lighting levels and uniformity factors and creating related layout plans
  • Selecting Escape Route Luminaires, Open Space (Anti-Panic) Luminaires and EXIT Routing Luminaires
  • Selection of automation system equipment suitable for the emergency lighting system to be established as monitored with DALI or wireless protocols and carrying out the related engineering infrastructure works specifically for the project.
  • Creation of application projects for the emergency lighting system
  • Managing the mockup/demo process for emergency lighting fixtures
  • Preparation of emergency lighting system commissioning forms and logbook drafts of the project
  • Providing the necessary support for the pre-commissioning of the emergency lighting system
  • Carrying out commissioning studies
  • Making periodic maintenance contracts after commissioning
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